Marilyn Harris, Mark Wolfram & Homero Ceron

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Take refuge in SAFE HARBOR - a relaxing collection of soothing music that evokes the serenity of life on and around tranquil waters while retaining a quiet intimacy.

This recording features over 67 minutes of
acoustic piano performed by Marilyn Harris, subtle synthesizer shadings by Mark Wolfram and vibraphone & marimba by Homero Ceron.

Check out these short sound clips for these

                    1) Morning Mist MP3

                    2) Reflecting Pools MP3

                    3) Crystal Lake MP3

                    4) Glacial Spring MP3

                    5) Slip Stream MP3

                    6) Verdant Forest MP3

                    7) Ebb & Flow MP3

                    8) Safe Harbor MP3


Here's What People Are Saying About SAFE HARBOR...

"Very soothing and relaxing . . . love to listen to it while seated on my porch watching the day come to an end."   Paul Lynch - Producer, Musician, Composer, Recording Engineer

“This is beautiful . . . a very lovely addition to the suite of meditative/relaxation/spa music created by this team.”   Mara Purl - Author, Radio Producer, Voiceover Artist, Musician

"Safe Harbor is soothing and shimmering, lyrical yet with interesting harmonies, perfect for meditation or reflection. Thank you Marilyn!"   Carol Heffler -Singer/Songwriter

“Beautiful melodies composed of piano, synthesizers, vibraphone and marimba. Fantastic music for relaxation. Love it!” - Michelle C., Reiki Master Healer

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