Marilyn Harris, Mark Wolfram & Homero Ceron

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Take refuge in SAFE HARBOR - a relaxing collection of soothing music that evokes the serenity of life on and around tranquil waters while retaining a quiet intimacy.

This recording features over 67 minutes of
acoustic piano performed by Marilyn Harris, subtle synthesizer shadings by Mark Wolfram and vibraphone & marimba by Homero Ceron.

Check out these sound clips for SAFE HARBOR:

1) Morning Mist   MP3

2) Reflecting Pools   MP3

3) Crystal Lake   MP3

4) Glacial Spring   MP3

5) Slip Stream   MP3

6) Verdant Forest   MP3

7) Ebb & Flow   MP3

8) Safe Harbor   MP3


Here's What People Are Saying About SAFE HARBOR...

"Very soothing and relaxing . . . love to listen to it while seated on my porch watching the day come to an end."   Paul Lynch - Producer, Musician, Composer, Recording Engineer

“This is beautiful . . . a very lovely addition to the suite of meditative/relaxation/spa music created by this team.”   Mara Purl - Author, Radio Producer, Voiceover Artist, Musician

"Safe Harbor is soothing and shimmering, lyrical yet with interesting harmonies, perfect for meditation or reflection. Thank you Marilyn!"   Carol Heffler -Singer/Songwriter

“Beautiful melodies composed of piano, synthesizers, vibraphone and marimba. Fantastic music for relaxation. Love it!” - Michelle C., Reiki Master Healer

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