Stephanie Bennett   &  Marilyn Harris

Harpist Stephanie Bennett
and Pianist Marilyn Harris
bring you over 60 minutes of
for Relaxation and Meditation

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Audio CD #: WRCD-1530

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 Check out the sound clips for these UNICORN'S JOURNEY titles:

1) Spiritual Renewal   MP3
2) New Moon   MP3
3) Infinite Possibilities   MP3
4) Golden Sunrise   MP3
5) Unicorn's Journey   MP3
6) Questions & Answers   MP3
7) The Promise   MP3


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Beautiful Relaxing Music   "I bought this to play to my newborn granddaughter, but found it was also perfect for relaxing for stressful rides in the car as well. Makes great background music while reading, painting, or just relaxing. Nice combo of piano and harp. Highly recommend."                                                                    - Suzanne Hill


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