It was a kinder, gentler time...

the country was rebuilding after
the Great Depression...

and everyone had their radios turned on
to hear their favorite music...

And now - direct from the Studios of KWNO in Winona, Minnesota:

  Marty Marflow and the Melody Makers

  (with featured vocalists The Calhoun Sisters, Frau Lili von Lake & Marty Marflow)

  perform all-new, all-original 1930s music from Alfred A. E. Wolfram's stageplay

Music from

performed by
Marty Marflow and the Melody Makers

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Audio CD #: WRCD-1938

Selections on

1) Chipper Round Tripper


2) Lana My Love


3) Past Our Last Goodbye


4) Upper Berth Bounce


5) Duluth St. Paul & Winona


6) When You're Blue


7) My Heart's Desire


8) Hasty Lumbago


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