Saving Egyptian Film Classics
Mark Wolfram

A documentary film scored in
a dramatic and emotional style -
utilizing haunting themes and
melding Egyptian musical elements
with traditional orchestral colors.

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Saving Egyptian Film Classics includes:

  1) Main Titles
Interviews/History  MP3
  3) History-End
Hunger Is Hell  MP3
Golden Age/Neglect  MP3
  6) Montage Ending
  7) Heritage Lost
Cinema Roots/Office   MP3
  9) Decay In The Vaults 1
10) Preservation Technology
11) Decay In The Vaults 2
12) Nitrate-Based Film
13) Decay In The Vaults 3
14) Public Awareness
15) Color Film Dyes
Burn Them!   MP3
17) Digital Restoration
Color Separations   MP3
Building Archives   MP3
20) Preservation Processing
21) The Commitment
22) Plan Rejected
The Poet Speaks   MP3
24) End Titles

The film's director, Sayed Badreya, poses with (from left to right)
Bruce Otto, Alan Kaplan,
Bob Sanders & Doug Tornquist


As the third largest film producing country in the world, (behind the United States and India), Egypt has historically produced the most popular cinema in the Middle East. The project to make the campaigning documentary, "Saving Egyptian Film Classics," has two goals: 1) to educate the existing audience for Egyptian films of the harsh consequences of neglecting films without preservation while exposing the misguided movement that opposes film preservation, and 2) expanding the audience for and increasing the appreciation of Egyptian films. Although generally unknown in the United States and elsewhere in the western world, the rich legacy of film tradition in Egypt merits greater interest. Whether Egyptian, American, Indian or Chinese, the world's film archives are in danger. It is a universal language that is being threatened.

About the music...

Melding traditional middle-eastern modes, styles and instrumentation with traditional orchestral scoring, Mark Wolfram's score for "Saving Egyptian Film Classics" has a much more "dramatic" scope than many documentary film scores. The passionate emotions of the film's story inspired Mark to compose several haunting themes expressing the tragedy and sense of loss felt by lovers of cinema, both in Egypt and around the world. Members of The Hollywood Studio Symphony come together to perform a score that is highly emotional and truly evocative of the urgent situation in Egyptian film preservation today.

The String Section (from left to right):
Concertmaster Joel Derouin,
Michele Richards, Matthew Funes
& Larry Corbett

The French Horns (from left to right):
Brian O'Connor, Richard Todd
& Jerry Folsom


Throughout his multi-faceted career as an award-winning composer, arranger, orchestrator and musician, Mark has worked with many musical stars such as Kenny Rogers, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Cybill Shepherd, Joe Williams, Lena Horne, Doc Severinson and earned Gold Records for his work with Jim Brickman. He's composed for "Another World", "Riptide", "General Hospital", numerous cartoons and award shows, and continues to compose for documentary and industrial films, jingles and underscores, as well as the concert stage.

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